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Interview with Dave Neabore from DOG EAT DOG

1. It’s all started with Mucky Pup, tell us how it all began?

I joined Mucky Pup in 1988 and recorded the Boy In A Man’s World album. We toured Europe 3 times until 1990. At the time John Connor was our roadie, and Sean Kilkenny was on Guitar. The three of us decided to leave and form a new band together. When Dan Nastasi heard our tapes he asked to join and that’s how it began. We recorded 2 demo tapes and began playing a lot of shows in the NY/NJ area.


2. How’s Billy Graziadei end up with your demo and he gave it to Roadracer records yes?

Biohazard have been friends of ours since the late 80’s. Billy is the best. He brought our demo to Roadrunner and within a couple of weeks we were offered a record deal. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have gotten signed on our own, but it never hurts to have a band like Biohazard behind you. They also took us on our 2nd tour of Europe in 1994 which was a huge success and really broke DED into the music scene over there.


3. Tell us about the Dog Eat Dog logo?

The crown logo was created by designer Todd James. We had a lot of friends at the time into street art and graffiti, so this seemed like a very natural symbol for the band.


4. All Boro Kings as such a phenomenal album, i still listen to it. tell us about this album

The first 2 DED releases were both written in my basement. Just a bunch of friends getting together, having fun, and drinking beer. We never expected or cared about success, we just wanted to enjoy what we were doing and we had all the time in the world to create. When it came time to record we went to a studio in Connecticut, and quickly made the album. 3 weeks total recording and mixing. When the album hit Europe in May of 1994, it met with positive reviews and the rest is history.


5. In the song “Who’s The King” you guys featured Darryl Jennifer from the Bad Brains how you guys manage to hooked up with him?

We are huge Bad Brains fans, so when we got to open for them on our first Europe tour in 1993 it was a dream come true. We got along great and also learned the rules of the road from those guys. We told Darryl we were going to making a new record after the tour and he said he would love to sing on it. When the time came he was a man of his word and came to the studio to lay down the track. We are still tight with Darryl today.


6. Tell us about the beginning of the year 2000 what change with you guys?

We weren’t happy with the promotion that Roadrunner did for the Amped record. We tried a new manager that promised us the world but delivered nothing. We managed to separate from Roadrunner but ended up with no label, no management, and less and less shows between 2001-2003. fortunately another German manager/booking agent stepped up and rejuvenated the band, putting us back on the road and found us a studio to record a new album.


7. Walk With Me tell us about this album?

We began demos for this album as far back as 2000, but it took until 2005 before we got into the studio in Germany to record with producer Claus Grabke. It was an easy, fun record to make with no outside interference. We were isolated on a farm so we really had no distractions. Its a diverse record, but in my opinion features some of our best songs.


8. 20th anniversary tell us more about it?

1994 was an important year for both DED and our fans. We were part of a movement in Europe that included other bands like Biohazard, Life Of Agony, Type O Negative, and others. It felt like the music scene was at its strongest. We are proud to have stood the test of time and are able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the All Boro Kings album and the Biohazard/Downset tour of 1994 with our fans once again.


9. What do you see in a hardcore scene today around the world and it become globally?

Not much of a scene, but the big festivals in Europe are amazing. Its so great to see so many old school bands still playing and showing the young bands how its done.


10. What do we expect from Dog Eat Dog in the near future?

A big tour in 2014 for sure. We broke some new ground in 2013 hitting Russia and Bulgaria for the first time, as well as returning to England and Czech. We are getting closer to recording some new songs. It really comes down to timing and money. We are looking forward to a new release in the near future.


11. Last words? and what do you say to your fans all over the world?

Thanks so much for all the support to our friends and fans. We could not have sustained 23 years and counting without you all!


interview by Garth Spencer





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